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Online bingo games today have become popular than ever before. Since they are easily accessible, these games are becoming more sought after by players around the world. Compared to brick and mortar bingo games, there are several reasons that make online games exciting. Here are some of the features that make online games a better option:

  • Online bingo games can be accessed from anywhere. All you need to play these games is a computer with a high speed internet. You would be able to enjoy the game from any place, as long as you have an account in any one of the sites.
  • The games are available round the clock. Hence, you can play the game at leisure whenever you feel like.
  • Online bingo games offer a lot of variety. If you are a beginner or if you are looking to try your hand at different games, then online bingo is the best option. With the wide variety of games that they have you would be able to learn the tricks of the game in no time.
  • Online bingo community is another important feature of games When you play games, you would also have the added advantage of having the opportunity to interact with other players in the chat room.
  • Most of the bingo games are also automated, so you do not have to focus on the game.

Bingo Hall – One of the Best Bingo Games Site

While there are several online bingo game sites online, there are very few that walk the talk. Among hundreds of online bingo sites, one of the best is bingo hall. Here are some of the striking features of bingo hall:

  • The site uses Parlay software which is one of the popular award winning software used in internet gaming.
  • There is a perfect mix of old fashioned games and new bingo games.
  • The site offers over 300 different patterns of 75 ball games.

Games at Bingo Hall

Unlike other popular sites, there is only one type of bingo game offered by Bingo Hall, i.e. 75 ball games. However, there are over 300 different patterns of the same game. Hence, the variety of 75 ball games that one gets to play is also very high. There are also chat games, as Bingo Hall like other sites, also believes in building a community for bingo players.

Bingo Hall also organises several tournaments for its players. There are several exciting prizes to be won by the winners of these tournaments. Besides tournaments, there are also jackpots to be won as well. There are guaranteed jackpots and progressive jackpots.

Other than games, the site also has several mini casino games. You could pick from the small variety of keno, slots and other mini games that they have.

Why Choose Bingo Hall Over Other Sites?

  • The fun, colourful and playful layout of the website has always drawn the attention of several players.
  • The type of games they have is limited only to 75 ball games, but then the very same type has many varieties of bingo games.
  • The site uses one of the best award winning softwares that is sure to guarantee one of the best gaming experiences ever.
  • There are promotions and bonuses that are given out almost every day. Players can make best of the bonuses and play without having to shell out a lot of money.
  • The round the clock player support system is another great feature of this site. Players’ queries and problems are attended to very quickly.

Promotions at Bingo Hall:

There is a promotional offer for every day of the week at Bingo Hall. These promotions are also some of the best in the industry.

  • Monday – Deposits less than $100 made on Monday receives an amazing bonus of 250%. For deposits more than $100, players receive a bonus of 400%. Candlelight delight, which is very popular on Mondays, is a great chance to win amazing cash games and bonus awards.

There are chat room bonuses, like the Funny Farm Morning Rally, where you could get a $100 bonus if you win the game during the stipulated time period.

  • Tuesday –Mid Day specials, the highlight of Tuesdays, is a chance to win prizes amounting up to $500. There is also a rebound tournament, where the winners of games can bag a sum of $1000. The deposit bonuses are the same as that of Monday’s.
  • Wednesday – Wednesdays’ latest bingo bonus offers are dedicated to high rollers. Those who make deposits of $25 to 49 receive a 125% bonus. Deposits of $50 to $74 receive a bonus of 140%, deposits of $75 to $99 get a bonus of 160% and above $100 get a bonus of 190%.
  • The members of the Desperate Housewives Room can win huge bonuses, if they play games in anytime mentioned on the site.
  • Thursdays –If a player had deposited an amount of $100 deposited on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, they would receive a bonus of 450% on Thursday. Every deposit made on this day gets a bonus of 160% and ladies get an exclusive 199% bonus on deposit of $100 or more. Thursdays are popular for the Team Bingo Smackdowns. Winners of the bingo games can bag cash prizes equal to $3000. There is also a bonus of $25 for the winner of the Quarter Room’s Thursday Night Rally.
  • Fridays –Fusion Fridays, a 4 hour grand event of the best games online, is chance to win a hidden cash prize of $1000. The bonuses are similar to Monday Bonuses.
  • Saturdays –Saturdays on Bingo Hall are known as Big Brother Saturdays. Any deposit made on this day gets a bonus of 175%. If you are lucky, you may also win a surprise bonus during the visit to the chat rooms by Big Brother.
  • Sundays – The promotional bonus on deposits is very similar to that of Monday’s. Pyramids in the Blackout Room event is an amazing chance to win a special surprise.

With amazing benefits and good range of bingo games, Bingo Hall is surely one of the best sites online.