Buy your Advance Purchase tickets now for the biggest jackpots at Diva Bingo!

Diva Bingo was launched in 2011 and they were immediately recognized as one of the best bingo operators. They won the Player’s Award for Best New Bingo Site in 2012. A flying start for the Cassava owned room, but we wanted to see the situation after 5 years in the business!

Doing a background research for this article we found that many of the players use the advance purchase option at Diva Bingo. So that was the starting point for the review. We tried to find out if there is a real value in playing on this room

We picked several bingo rooms to cover and wanted to check out what are the best deals we could get. As a part of their standard offer, you get a massive 400% bonus on your first deposit. This is allocated equally between bingo and slots and it also qualifies you for a Diva Wheel spin. For this promotion, a prize is guaranteed and it ranges from £1 to £2,500 in extra bonus cash. We deposited £10, got £40 as a standard bonus and another £15 on the Diva Wheel. A very nice Welcome to Diva Bingo.

  • Penny Sunday

With our “impressive” bankroll, we looked for the best advance purchase deals we could find and this one was the first on our list. Every Sunday at 8.30 PM, this bingo room offers a guaranteed £400 prize pool and a £200 jackpot bonus. All you have to do to join this room is to pre-buy tickets that are £0.01. This is an amazing offer because you can win a massive amount of money with almost no investment. That is an amazing advance purchase perk. And, in our opinion, this room alone should attract people to come over to Diva Bingo and play. And the good thing about it is that there aren’t that many players competing for these prizes. That gives you better chances of winning.

  • Makeover Monday

The best way to rebuild your bankroll is to start on Monday with this advance purchase promotion. For the ticket prices of just £0.05, you can participate in this £500 guaranteed room that runs on Mondays from 8.30 PM. So there is a good chance of banking some coins in this promotion and make up for the losses if you had them over the weekend. And the bonus jackpot on Makeover Monday is £300. It is easy to understand why many of the players decide to give it a last shot on this promotion prior to reloading their account. And Diva Bingo takes care of its players so you can realistically bounce back with this pre-buy promotion.

  • Tinsletown Tuesday

You probably spotted the clever pattern Diva Bingo implemented with their advance purchase promotions. This one runs every Tuesday @ 8.30 PM and the guaranteed prize pool is £600, with a £400 jackpot. Ticket prices are starting at £0.1 and this one is really a fan favourite. It offers the thrill of winning a substantial amount of money with reasonable ticket prices. Pre-buying these in bulk gives you a really good chance of winning and we found this room to be one of the most visited ones on Diva Bingo. But the chances of winning are still good, especially if you buy multiple tickets. And with these prizes, you don’t even have to win often in order to be in the green.

  • Wannabe Wednesday

So as the weekend draws near, the pre-buy promotions get bigger and the prizes really start to become valuable. This room opens every Wednesday at 8.00 PM and the guaranteed prize pool is £600. And the jackpot in this one is a massive £500, so you can potentially win in excess of £1,000 with just one ticket. Of course, with tickets starting at £0.15, you would want to pre-buy them in bulk and get a better chance of winning. Diva Bingo has been running this promotion for a while now and the players’ feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We especially enjoyed playing in this room because it was perfectly balanced in terms of the risk versus the reward. And on 3 occasions we played on this room, we have been profiting consistently.

  • Kiss’n’Tell Thursday

The name is a clever way to express exactly what this room as all about. Pre-buy tickets for this room, win, and go tell everyone what you did. And it will be a story worth telling. Advance purchase £0.25 tickets in order to qualify for this room that runs every Thursday from 8.30 PM. Every ticket has a chance of winning a massive £600 jackpot bonus in the room that has £750 guaranteed prize pool. This is extraordinary value and most of our time playing on Diva Bingo was spent on Kiss’n’Tell Thursdays. The game is fun and the players are competitive so it offers an added incentive if you like the competition. And winning here means banking some serious cash; so it’s always exciting to participate in this promotion.

  • Soapstar Saturday

When the weekend comes, it’s time to play bingo! Pre-buy tickets at £0.25 will qualify for this amazing room. Soapstar Saturday runs every Saturday from 8.30 PM and it is the biggest room on the entire Diva Bingo site. The calls have amazing £800 guaranteed and a £600 jackpot that’s up for grabs. This is a tremendous opportunity to build a huge bankroll and transfer it to other regular games. Or you can simply win-and-run, spend your money on a month’s worth of partying and come back on Monday for a rebuild. The site really struck gold with this pre-buy promotion and the user feedback is full of praise. How could it not be when you have the chance of winning £1,400 on an investment of just £0.25?

  • Did you notice that we skipped Friday advance purchase promotion on Diva Bingo?

That wasn’t by accident. This promotion deserves an article on its own. It’s simply that we encourage you to go check it out. The chances are good and you can win a massive amount of money. The entire Diva Bingo player pool simply can’t wait to take part in this pre-buy promotion. So go check it out on your own.

This online bingo site has a dedicated player following. The reasons are obvious and they shouldn’t even be questioned. We had a blast covering all of these pre-buy promotions and kept playing the bingo and casino games on Diva Bingo long after the research was done.