Mobile bingo promotions at House of Bingo this month

If you’re a big fan of online bingo, you might be interested in mobile bingo such as at House of Bingo. The site is one of the top choices if you’re looking for various features offered at online Bingo sites. That includes bingo games, casino games, and slot games. It also offers mobile games, which gives you a chance to play bingo games just about anywhere. Read more

Check out the latest slots games and features at House of Bingo!

House of Bingo is already an established name in, you guessed it right, the bingo gaming industry. But they offer other casino games, including slots. We tested some of their slot games and picked a couple of favorites that really stand out. Our focus was on new games that not many people tried as yet. The reason for that was that we wanted to remain objective while reviewing them. The ratings and user reviews would spoil that. These are some of the games we played. Read more

Why People in the UK Love to Play at House of Bingo!

House of Bingo is a very popular online bingo site across UK and some parts of Australia. If you are a member of this online bingo site, then you should know why many people love it. A lot of reasons can be given as to why most UK-based online players prefer playing in the site and you will know some of them later. House of Bingo surely has a lot to offer each and every player, no matter which level you are in, once you become an official member of the site. Read more

The best games on your portable device at House of Bingo

Gambling is an activity which has been a part of mankind since times immemorial. People have engaged themselves in games of chance since a long time, which made it possible for the games to undergo enormous evolution. Right from playing simple dice games, gambling became more and more prevalent and by the 19th century, a huge number of brick and mortar gambling halls sprung up. Games like bingo, blackjack, and roulette became popular and nowadays, we find these games on the internet. One such site with a fabulous reputation, offering an array of games is House of Bingo. We shall now take an in-depth look at the site and the game available. Read more

Is House of Bingo UK’s finest? Latest review

House of Bingo utilizes the Cozy Games software, and is a member of the Fun Bingo Network. This site was first established in 2005, and has been a Website that has offered their clients lots of exciting games and bingo-related activities. It has a gambling license issued by the Gambling Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man, the same place where Cozy Games’ servers are located. One of House of Bingo’s standout features is the fact that players are able to receive an extra £20 after signing up. This is applicable in both the virtual Website and their mobile app. Players can get started in whichever way fits them the best, and receive the exact same payment. Whenever the player makes an initial payment to their new account, the site’s bonuses will start. Read more

House of Bingo Review

House of Bingo is just one of the many sites owned by Cozy Games, a popular software company. This site is also included in the Fun Bingo Network, which is a company that might be familiar to some if they have played on bingo websites such as Congo Bingo, Epic Bingo, Budget Bingo, Dandy Bingo, or Little Miss Bingo. Fun Bingo Network isn’t really the largest network out there but they continue to add some new partners to their group. Read more

Jackpot and Deposit Specials at the House of Bingo this Month

House of Bingo is a popular online bingo and gambling site based in the United Kingdom. It offers variations of popular gambling games such as four types of the aforementioned bingo, twelve different casino games, eight scratch games, and sixty versions of slots. They also offer a mobile version of its site so that one can play bingo, casino games, scratch games, and slots on the go. Read more

Is House of Bingo the UKs finest? Review

Looking for a playful online bingo site that offers loads of freebies? Your search ends here. House of Bingo is a house filled with crazy bingo games established in 2007. House of Bingo has been entertaining the world with the latest gaming technologies from Cozy Entertainment. Read more