FAQs and answers at Hollywood Bingo

Are you looking for a new bingo site to try out? There are many options and one of the top ones is Hollywood Bingo. You might not have heard of the site, so it would be helpful to get the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Here are some of the most critical ones:

  1. Who runs the site?

Hollywood Bingo is operated by Roxy Media Limited. You might have heard of the company before. Why is this information important? It’s good to know in case you want to contact the company about any issues or concerns you have about the site. Another issue is that you might be interested in learning about other sites that the company runs. There’s more! By knowing the company that operates the site you can also get a better sense of the company’s general approach to bingo sites, which can explain a lot about the site itself. For example, certain companies have various signature features in their games such as the look and feel of the sites.

Meanwhile, the software is provided by Brigend Limited, which is located in Gibraltar. It’s a subsidiary of Cassava Enterprise, which is also located in Gibraltar. Meanwhile, Hollywood bingo is also under a Gibraltar gaming license.

  1. How did the bingo site get its name?

The name Hollywood bingo is based on the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, California. The goal is to add the spirit of the Los Angeles area including the fame and fortune of celebrities from the area including TV and movie stars.

The main goal of the site is to provide a place where bingo fans can become a star while playing their favorite game. Who doesn’t dream of being a star, right? The site gives gamers the chance to star in their own bingo game. It gives them the chance to enjoy bingo games that are more fun than traditional bingo games. It’s a way to add some pizzazz to your everyday bingo games!

  1. What are the priorities of the site?

One of the key priorities of Hollywood bingo is fair gaming. It’s not surprising because you won’t find many sites that they don’t try to provide fair games for their customers. However, this site takes various steps to make sure that’s the case.

In fact, the site wants to guarantee fair gaming for its customers. The site points out that all “dealer” for all bingo games is actually a computer, with the exception of LIVE games that are live-streamed.

The random number generator (RNG) is one of the key tools used to ensure that the site is offering fair play to its gamers.

Hollywood Bingo reports that it uses a well-tested RNG to make sure that it meets all industry standards related to the tool and fair play. The site has run millions of rounds and studied the results to make sure that the tool is truly picking random numbers. While other sites have RNGs, not all of them use a very strict method for testing the tool to guarantee it’s providing the fairest games possible. Welcome to Hollywood bingo!

Another helpful tool the site provides is a web-based log of a player’s bingo game results. It can be accessed through their PC/mobile device, or through the site’s customer support. The information can be reviewed anytime. It includes the result of bingo games and deposit/withdrawal records.

  1. What games are offered?

This is one of the biggest questions when playing bingo at any site, including Hollywood bingo. One of the biggest types at the site is 90 ball bingo. That includes a 90 ball progressive jackpot. There are other games included Golden Nugget, Superstars Room, Even Stevens Room, etc. It’s important to learn the rules and regulations of each room. That will help you to know the mechanics of the games, as well as any terms & conditions.

  1. Does the site offer a mobile version?

If you’re a fan of mobile bingo you’ll be pleased to learn that Hollywood bingo indeed has a mobile app that lets you play bingo using your smartphone or tablet. This lets you play bingo from virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is your mobile device and an Internet connection. That’s it! Online bingo, in general, is easier than going to a land-based casino. That said, it’s not easy to lug around your laptop everywhere, let alone your desktop. Mobile bingo is the solution!

One drawback of mobile games is that they’re often scaled down versions of the original bingo games. That means the graphics, gameplay, etc. often isn’t as complex. However, since they’re so convenient it makes up for the issue.

  1. What bonuses does the site offer?

Bingo bonuses are one of the top features of the web-based games, along with promotions. Hollywood Bingo is no exception to the rule. So the question is: what bonuses does it offer?

The site includes s sign-up bonus just for registering at the site. Newbies can get 10 free silver screen tickets, as well as 10 free spins on the Fluffy slots game. Make sure to read the terms & conditions since they apply the bonus.

That’s just for starters! There’s also a 500% first deposit bonus. When you deposit 5 pounds to 50 pounds you’ll get 5x your money in bonus funds. Keep in mind that you must deposit 5 deposits to qualify for the bonus. Meanwhile, the max. bonus allowed is 200 pounds.

There’s also a reload bonus provided by the site. What’s it about? The bingo bonus requires a code that provides a 100% bonus. There are different options to determine how you receive the bonus at Hollywood bingo, but it all cases it’s definitely a great deal.

  1. What payment options are available?

There are tons of different deposit/withdrawal options at the site. They include MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, PayPal, Neteller, and others. This is a great feature since it provides various ways to play bingo at Hollywood bingo.

Other sites only include a few payment options, which can cause problems when one of your options is offline, for example. It’s always best when there are various credit cards, debit cards, and e-wallets offered. It will make it easier to add or subtract funds from your bingo site account.

Do you want to be a star when playing bingo? If so then you should definitely consider Hollywood bingo. It provides the glitz and glamor that you can’t find at other sites, and tries to make every bingo player a star. Even if you never make it to Hollywood, California you can feel like you’re playing bingo on the big screen!